If u r bold,
If u r smart,
If u r Intelligent,
If u r beautiful,
If u r sensitive,
then this world owes to u…….n evry person has this ability…its just a matter of time!!!

Go on 2 relish ur dreams…win dis world !!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks to Father Richi!!!!

Father Richard rego,….My Mentor ,My guide…

i thank him for all the achivements in my life n making myself a confident n energetic girl!!!

i dedicate my fourth rank in Mangalore University to him!!!!

an excelent teacher n and loving father!!!

father….Thanks a looooooottttt!!!

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life is like eating pani puri!!!!!


Hav’nt u ever compared life n a process of eating “pani Puri”????
jus imagine…we aproch a chatwaala with too much of water in our mouth…lipsmacking pani puri!!WEN WE EAT IT WE ENJOY IT but hav’nt u noticed tat it’s little spicy ..it’l irritate our throat!!huh????but still we have it!!!
yet…is’nt it tasty?????yup!!!yo!!!it is..we will eat it again n again!!!
the same way is life
so enjoy friens!!!!! 

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I can do better!!!!!!

We always think that our abilities are limited!!! Guys !!!!don you think it’s escapism???

yup !!!it is!!

let me tell u a manthra for life!!!it’s really work out!!!

try out smarties!!!!

Dudes!!! jus try sayin tat i can do better  and i’l do better!!!

say it for four days n u can see miracle!!!!

we always can do better!!!! 

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hiiii frienzzzz!!!!!

hi friends!!!!!! life is to enjoy!!!!

live it  !!!enjoy it as much as u can!!!!

no time to worry!!!cheers to life!!!!

keep smiling…

dont hate life…love it!!!life  will come to u!!!

life is beautifull!!!!!!

love it !!!leave it!!!!


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